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Anonymous whispered: I just saw you SHINee album collection. I envy you. I've been planning to buy the albums , can you please tell me how much it cost you tobuy the albums in total then maybe a breakdown , I especially need to know the price of the Japanese albums. Where did you buy them (all the albums) from ? Thanks. I'm asking you because I can't trust websites,


Hi there ~! Okay, this will be a long post since I will tell you how much each will be around (I get them used, btw) ALL THE PRICES BELOW INCLUDE THE SHIPPING PRICES

I get most of my albums from amazon, since I really trust amazon and the sellers. The sellers are not really like from ebay where anybody can sell, but they are more like companies. They are more trustworthy. These sellers really take care of their albums since I’ve basically bought from all of them to attain all of my albums. I don’t collect photocards, so I really didnt care if they were new or used. Also, since the used prices were usually cheaper, I just got those. More recent albums tend to be more costly.

The First Limited Box Ver. A - $25 used off of amazon

The First Limited Ver. B - $15 Used off of amazon

The First Reg. - $15 Used off of amazon

SHINee The First Japan Arena Tour Limited - I can’t find it anywhere, but I got it for $90 (used). This DVD is extremely hard to find and can cost up to $160 (used).

SHINee The First Japan Arena Tour Reg. - I also couldn’t find this anywhere, but usually it would be around $60 (used)

Dazzling Girl Ver. A - $15 used off of amazon.

Dazzling Girl Ver. B - $10 used off of amazon

Dazzling Girl Ver. C - $10 used off of amazon

Fire Limited - $12 used off of amazon

Fire Regular -$10 used off of amazon

Sherlock (Japanese) Reg - I can’t find it on amazon, but its really easy to find it for about $6 anywhere. 

Sherlock (Japanese) Limited - I also could not find it, but they can range up to $80 used. 

Sherlock (Korean) - $14 used on amazon, or I would recommend getting this album new for $17 on amazon.

1000 years reg - $11used on amazon

1000 years Limited - $12 used on amazon

Lucifer (Japanese)

Juliette (Japanese)

Replay (JP) Limited - $11 used off of amazon

Replay (JP) Regular - I can’t find it, but usually around $10 anywhere


Lucifer (Korean)

The misconceptions of

2009 Y.O.U - $13 new on amazon

Juliette (Korean) - I can’t find it on amazon, but usually around $10

Juliette - CD + DVD (rare) - Can go for about $100. I got mine for about $40

Boys Meet U (Full) Limited - $32 used on amazon

Boys Meet U (Full) Regular - $20 used on amazon

Boys Meet U (Single) Limited A - $12 used on amazon

Boys Meet U (Single) Limited B - $12 used on amazon

Boys Meet U (Single) Regular - $10 new on amazon

Hello - $14 used on amazon

SHINee The 1st Concert

SHINee The 2nd Concert

The First Album SHINee World (white ver) - $14 used on amazon

The First Album SHINee Wolrd (green ver) - $16 new on amazon

Replay, The first mini album - $18 used on amazon

A.MI.GO - $14 used on amazon

Everybody - $18 new on amazon

Lucky Star Limited - $32 new on amazon

Lucky Star Regular - $14 used on amazon

And, yeah.. I think that’s all? Let me know if you see one that is missing, and good luck with your collection~!!!

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Stretches that improve different aspects of your body.

lower pain pain

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the cover  for the new confetto album is so very cute!! 

plus it has some of my fav nanahira tracks on it!!!!!

check out the xfade!! 


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Every Main Character Magical Girl

Dec. 1966- Aug. 2014

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トマリさんはTwitterを使っています ほのぼの深海棲艦まんが

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